Holiday... to DSLR or not to DSLR


I am going away on holiday to the Dominican republic in April, to a nice looking resort with a beautiful beach blah blah blah.... this is my first resort holiday as I am very much a exploring kinda guy, but I didn't take any holiday last yeah at all so I need a relax.

Anyway, I am going to be taking my new 4k SONY action cam and I intended to take my large full frame with battery grip and maybe a several lenses, ND LEE filters and tripod (carrying hand luggage except tripod)

I have been debating for a while whether i should take all that kit with me its only a fraction of my stuff but even so. I will have to get camera insurance for about £4000 worth of kit. And when not in use and just on the beach relaxing or in the sea I will have to take it back to my room and padlock it in a case to a piece of furniture.

My other option is to buy a Sony RX100 easily the best point and shoot out there and would be much easier! however I would kick myself if a great photo opportunity came around and I needed a wide angle and my expensive LEE ND filters.

I am going for nearly 2 weeks too, so thoughts?

Yes, definitely get insurance for that camera ... Because DSLR is a must in those environments. You will take shots (yeah, those too) like in heaven
Customs may give you a hard time if you declare the cost of the equipment, so try to be up front about it without being obnoxious. Those people really suck truckloads of ...

Also, dont stare at the booty. Just dont.
Its mesmerizing, but dont.
Party hard and forget the camera for a while, dont be that guy who cant LIVE stuff in order to film it.
Travel light, VERY light. You'll want to kill yourself due to the heat, just drink lots of water, never wear black and try not to bring dense cotton clothing, use the lightest linens you have. If you dont have too much to choose from, just buy stuff there.

In any case, back to DSLR. Well... do it!
You may also want to cover your lenses from the heat. Never expose the camera to high temperatures, Im sure you know that already. Because there will be heat. A lot of it

Hope the trip goes excellent mate, deserved vacations :)

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Many thanks :)

In regards to

How do you mean? Do you think I need to declare i am taking high worth items in hand luggage?
I expect when it goes through the X-ray they will want to have a look and open the bag to see it?

Thanks :)

For a two week trip, I would carry it. I mean there is only so much sitting around on the beach that you can do. Besides if you have that kind of gear its obvious that you are a pretty avid shooter, so your going to want to get away and take some pics. I think you would regret not having your gear with you on such a long trip.

As far as point and shoots go. For the money your talking about with the Sony you can get a much better camera (i.e. wont over heat doing 4k and still shoot raw) by purchasing a Cannon s110 or Fujifilm X100T orPanasonic Lx100

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I guess your right, its about £60 to insure, plus a few cable locks to secure it in my room when not in use, im sure in the evenings I would miss my kit when I would want to get some long exposures or night shots.

Well I was looking at getting one of the older MKII which are around half the price?

Thanks for your thoughts :)