Holiday bundle games for sale/trade

WTS / WTT  Assassin’s Creed IV, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Batman: Arkham Origins ... offer for me or ask what u want for exchange ( ex: battlefield 4 will be nice )

i would like assassin creed how much you willing to sell for


I would trade about just about anything from my steam library for Batman and Splinter cell. Steam name doubleagent214


$45 ok with you?

could you do $25?

i have batman do you have arma 3 or operation arrow head

$40 last for anybody who wants assassin

could you do 30?

do you have arma 2 complete collection or arma 3 cause i have batman arkam orgins

Would you be willing to trade AC IV or Splinter cell for black ops 2

no and anyone who wants splinter cell or assassin u can still get it for $40

Origin Keys

- Dead Space 1 and 3, Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Max Edition, Medal of Honor, Mirror's Edge, Populous, Sims 3 and C&C:Red Alert 3

Steam Keys

- Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, Medal of Honor, C&C:Red Alert 3, Darksiders, Red Faction Armageddon & DLC, Metro 2033, Several Company of Heroes Games, Titan Quest and Warhammer 40000