HOLHO Hologram Generator


I stumbled upon this interesting kickstarter today and I thought it would make a great topic for The Tek this week, hopefully if this makes it on The Tek it will give a lot more publicity and backers and make this kickstarter a reality.

I know I'm buying one of these when they come out.

I dont really see a usage for this other than a pretty display case.
The 'tech' behind it is a fairly crude optical illusion. 

Not to mention that these have been available on ebay for some time now.

I just dont see why you would make such a thing for tablets. Are they that much of a commodity that people dont bother using them? 




Well, i can think of a convenient use maybe. 
You use one of these and an NFC tag with a hologram-enabled battery app plus a wireless charging coil, then you're able to see a pretty charging battery app, aswell as whatever you decide to program into it, but i digress, that's a hassle to use.