Holding Off On This Gen Console to Build 1st PC...Need Advice plz!

So the "subject" pretty much sums it all up...

I'm trying to build my 1st (gaming) PC. I've done my fair share of research and have some parts in mind. But my knowledge is very limited so I'm having trouble deciding. Probably won't be overclocking since I'm still a novice (but then again, I'm extremely indecisive). Below, is a somewhat organized list of the parts I've taken interest in. Please tell me what you think and give any suggestions you may have. 

Also, I'm trying to keep my budget below $1,100.


> Intel Core i5-3570 Quad Core 3.4 GHz 6MB cache LGA 1155

> Intel Core i5-4670 Haswell Quad Core 3.4 GHz LGA 1150 


> MSi Z77A-GD65 Gaming LGA 1155


> MSi Z77A-G43 LGA 1155

> ASUS P8 Z77-V Pro LGA 1155

> ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155

> ASUS Maximus VI Hero LGA 1150

> MSi Z87-GD65 Gaming LGA 1150



> G. Skill Ripjaw Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333


> Western Digital WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB cache SATA 6.0 GB/s 3.5"


> Corsair CX 750 Builder Series ATX 80 plus bronze


> Corsair Carbide Series 300R ATX Mid-Tower


> EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Superclocked 2048 MB GDDR5 (DVI, HDMI, DP)




> Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler with 120mm PMW fan                                                                        

> Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition                                                                                              

> Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Series Red LED [Mainly for Aesthetics]


P.S. I'd like to know about whats compatible with what. Thanks :) 

I'd go with:

ASUS Maximus VI Hero LGA 1150 cuz it supports both sli and crossfire, and I read some of the reviews and no bad ones came out

Intel Core i5-4670 Haswell Quad Core 3.4 GHz LGA 1150 but if you want to over clock spend the extra $20 or so to get the i5-4670k. K just means its unlocked and able to be over clocked

Cpu cooling I'd go with http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103195 its a liquid cooler so if you over clock it will definitely keep it cool, even if you dont over clock.

And if you do get the Blueray drive you'll be able to see movies on it for a while then I think you'll have to actually buy the program, which is pretty pricey 

What do you do with your PC? General activities.

Is your estimated budget obtainable? Extremely likely?

Using any spare parts or buying ALL new?

Are you really planning on overclocking? Is it something you hear about ALL the time and think you need to? If you KNOW you're not going to fiddle with that stuff, go ahead and say.


Gaming at 1080p or wanting to shoot for the stars? Will it be connected to a TV or a monitor or multiple monitors?

Do you want a smaller computer footprint or is size not an issue?

Are you able to upgrade frequently or will you be stuck with everything you choose for the foreseeable future?

What do you plan on doing on this PC? General activities? An example, "I like to play games on Steam, edit family photos, film and edit homemade porn and upload it to imadirtypig.bizzz, and surf the web."

This will help to alleviate some of the issues the i7 4770k people are inevitably going to cause.

I plan to play games on steam, no porn lol, using a drawing tablet I own along with photoshop, stream, and use it to learn music production. (If all this is unobtainable with my budget, then for now just gaming and music production,  for now) I figure I wont have the GREATEST pc to do it all at the moment, but over time I'll be willing to upgrade. I just want the best pc for the money. 

My estimated budget is already obtained lol

I prefer all new parts.

Somewhere along the line, when I'm more familiar with the tech, I'll be overclocking.

1080p is good enough for me. And for now, only 1 monitor will be used (which I already have). I'll need 2 monitors later on though.

Not familiar with a "computer footprint". If its the tower size, then the one I've select is a good size for me.

I'll definitely be able to upgrade later.

Thanks for the feedback. Other than that, does everything else seem ok?

Pretty weak GPU for the budget.

If you want to overclock, I'd get something like this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2zdJJ

If you're not overclocking, you won't need such a nice board and cooler and K CPU.

Most likely will be overclocking. Several people have recommended it to me.