Hold on to your humanity (AppleTV+)

This is an apple TV + thread

This could be my next favorite invasion story. I liked Falling Skies. Now I may find a great story. When it says hold on to your humanity. That is what gets me excited.

What are your expectations from this?



Apple is pulling out all the good story telling for their service.

I have watched in the way of appletv+ originals, very little. I have so much to watch and so little time to sit down and enjoy something. At present I am rewatching Burn Notice, Person of Interest and Raised By Wolves. What is on my watch list are HBO Originals (Watchmen, Westworld, Titans Season 3)

I highly recommend Raised By Wolves. There really hasn’t been a HBO original that I have not liked.


This looks like a epic scale space story. Like what starwars wanted to be. What Dune is.

See has an interesting premise.

What if everyone is blind and how would a world work when the first babies to be born with sight are fought over.

Inspirational? Perhaps? I like tom hanks. i like this trailer so far.

For All Man kind.
Season 1 - I started it but never finished it.


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Might need to sub once a year or something for this stuff

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HBO may have competition with AppleTV. I have liked some of showtimes offerings. Like Dexter. But nothing recently appeals imo from Show. But HBO raised by wolves season 2 is getting me excited. I still haven’t seen the marvel shows on disney+ or the mandolorian.

Agree but they dont have anything new I have heard of.

HBO is just too consistently good imo even their short stuff is really good

SAdly what At&T owns them now so who knows how much longer they will stay the course

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Actually ATT sold them to Discovery. So the discovery network is parent to warner media now.

The Warner-Discovery Merger Proves That Big Is Never Big Enough in the Streaming World - Den of Geek

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I hate that this shit merges etc

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Warner Bros may never be the same. They were a giant. Now maybe not so much?

I believe amazon bought or is trying to buy mgm.

Amazon and MGM have signed an agreement for Amazon to acquire MGM | Amazon.com, Inc. - Press Room (aboutamazon.com)

I… Don’t… Care…?


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sure, looks like apple tv has some good IP.

I don;t own apple devices (other than a phone) and I run linux, so I’ll let you enjoy them
(presuming they don’t stream full HD and stuff on Linux, I stand to be corrected)

Actually waiting for this. This feels like the climate crisis we feel now.

It is possible to watch it in HD but to quote Palpatine: the source is “Not from Apple”

It does! I do like the premise and I wonder why didnt I try to watch it earlier! I should probably subscribe? I only have a small iPhone


Can we talk about how mediocre the first two episodes was? The genderswap legit made no sense in the early plot. (I was unfortunate not to read the books prior).

I am not compelled how Raych just casually stabbed Hari just like that. Like it feels very contrived. Hari’s speech prior to being stabbed also feels forced. Everything at the end of episode 2 was off. All in all, not happy.

I do like the overarching theme and the court intrigues, the sets and costume. but I really dont care for or any of the characters really. The lady robot and emperor clones feel more interesting.


Turns out Gaal and Raych wasnt genderswapped. Which makes it even more weirder somehow? I dislike it even more and I really really want to like it.

For all mankind was pretty good.