Hold off until Cyber Monday?

I'm looking to replace my macbook pro (2012)'s harddrive with an ssd. I saw a interesting shell shocker on newegg for an intel 530:


Should I take the deal now? Or do you think I should stick out until cyber Monday for a potential better deal?


Edit: I'm also aware that the average price is ~$130, so the 'slashed' price is clearly an inflated showoff.

I like this drive better  ... faster reads faster writes and 16GB bigger for $10 more and the price has been dropping the last couple months

A-Data XPG SX900 256GB 2.5" Solid State Drive


but the difference is minimal so ... it's your money spend the way you want

Could I expect a bigger price drop to warrant waiting until cyber monday?

???? your guess is as good as mine bud???? I would like to think so ... tell you what on cyber monday post what SSD should I get today and we will give you many options and opinions ... we have alot of those     lol

The Intel 530 has the best reliability of any standard ssd iirc. I could look around for articles about it, but I don't feel like bothering unless you can't find any yourself. I read several that all said that a little while back. So yeah, it is a pretty good deal. That drive should last you a while.

Well I guess I structured this thread wrongly as I'm not really looking for a 'This SSD vs That SSD". I'm just wondering if if the potential discount on the ssd will be enough of a reason to actually wait a month.

For example, if the price drop is only around 10%, i can care less, but if its around 40%, i'll gladly stay put. I checked pcpartpicker price history and it seems like there was only a slight dip in cost. But then again, i'd rather hear from actual people saying they found some awesome deals during their findings.

As for "This SSD vs That SSD", the crutial mx100 seems to be the best quality/price/performance ssd in the forums. The intel ssd's are not bad at all either from what I read. The best analogy I'm getting is "Its like comparing Lamborghini to Ferraris. Either way, you're getting a supercar" (Not to start a car thread haha).

Wait until cyber monday. $110 isn't that great of a deal for a 240GB SSD. There's plenty of alternative SSDs that are just as good and in the same price range. I'm sure Cyber Monday will offer better deals than this.


yes I have read the mean time is good on the Intel also

I can almost guaranty a very good deal ... but I do not know which drive will be my pick on that day .. I do know that many of us will have an opinion and many of us may pick the same one  ... time will tell