Hobby Rockets - Where to find accurate sensors and How to transfer data?

Hey there. I am currently researching hobby rocket stuff. My team plans to launch a rocket 30,000 ft in the sky. I am looking for help on three things.

  1. Microcontroller - Looking for a fantastic microcontroller to implement the sensors and communicate data. So far just looking at options from Arduino due to various sensors and robust library.

  2. Sensors - Where to find high precision sensors that will work with said microcontroller. Need stuff like GPS, Gyroscope, Temperature/Humidity, Pressure maybe even camera. The type of accuracy I am looking for is stuff like real time GPS, sensor able to recognize up to 30G pressure, gyro that can give rotational data etc.

  3. Communication - Looking for a method to communicate the data from the sensors live from the rocket. Current idea is to use LoRA. So transmitting the GPS, Gyro, Pressure in real time is something I am looking for. Best possible option would be a method that can also transmit video of any quality.

Currently thinking of getting arduino setup to work with sensors, transfer that data to a raspberry pi. The pi would then be connected to the radio stuff to transmit the data to a base station. The base station would do calculation and plot the data. Unless if the arduino is capable of transferring the data through a module of some sort.

Thank you for any help.

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Consider using a Raspberry Pi. They are cheap, use little power and there’s tons of libraries and sensors for them.

Be aware that GPS sensors are designed to shut off when too high / moving too fast. Some will only do so when both criteria are met however, so make sure to get one of those.

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