Hobbies Since I Quit Video Games

First, I know what you are thinking: Clickbait title. I couldn’t resist, I like talking about my work.

With that out of the way, after being so thoroughly disappointed with Halo Infinite, the last in a very long list of games that I put way too much time into, unless I was planning to go pro so to speak, it was just a fun waste of my energy.

So, bereft of something to do with my time other than binge watch YouTube videos. I’ve always watched YouTube in the background while doing anything. Imagine what I’ve actually absorbed while hardly paying attention. So, now I could watch with purpose.

Eventually, ideas coalesce into projects and this is one such project.

Now, I am planning to connect everything I learn. Originally, I was thinking I wanted to use my skills to develop a Content Management System (Project Name: Concordance), but I had no content to manage.

At this point, the solution was obvious. I can build a hydroponics control and statistics server to feed data into Concordance. The scope of the project has grown considerably since that realization, but that’s a good thing overall.

Which brings me to the point of this thread: I will be using this as a public facing development log to perhaps get different perspectives. Or the same… I’m not picky really. If you are interested in any updates for this project the will be hosted on my Odysse.