would this work?

Im building my own computer, and I have a quick question about installing Windows.Ok well basically I can get a hold of Windows 7 for 20 dollars but its an upgrade disk (which means you have to have a version of windows previously installed on the hard drive in order to upgrade to the Windows 7). So i was wondering if once i set up my computer, if I could install windows xp and then after Im done installing windows xp, upgrade to windows 7. Would this work?

I thought the Win7 upgrade disk was for Windows Vista only

it is... that said as far as i know you need vista, not xp to upgrade to seven.

im getting it from the local university and on their website it just says a xp or vista. here take a look

looks good to me

ask collin102 he's a pro at reinstalling windows


you can use the upgrade disk to go from xp to windows 7, you just cant upgrade upgrade. it will need to be a clean install over the older os.