HML - Hanna Montana Linux.... Yes this is a thing

Yea this is a thing....

Meet Hannah Montana Linux or HML for short. For more info, see the About page.

Hannah Montana Linux is a unix-like Linux Operating System based on Kubuntu.
The Package Manager is Debian apt.
The GUI is KDE 4.2 with Hannah Montana themes

I think I died in side.....

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It's the best of no one's world? Not even the third world?
There is no show to rock so no one can talk.

I watched this when I was a kid. I was like 12 or something. Saturdays were boring and I live in the middle of a cornfield with some trees shat out the center. What can I say.

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Even the website is terrible. The menu bar at the bottom sucks. How do they expect people to know what any of those icons actually mean?

This is great lol, I need Demi Lovato Linux though.

Edit: This is great


Well im using that on a virtual box now, gonna reinstall windows on my friends pc with it see what he does, probably he will be happy we are one step closer to the perfect os.

Thats not the worst you can get lol how about Biebian (Justin Bieber Linux)

I demand you shoot me now.


Oh, now my suicide is justifiable.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^AGREEEED^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i have to agree

I fear we may have too many distros now..............

This is the most awesome thing ever! Now I can die happy

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...................................................... Speechless

should we even care? lol

There is also Ubuntu Satanic Edition.

Edit: What I thought I was replying to the whole thread.

There are tons of Ubuntu flavs, anyone can tweak their own distro.
But in the end they are all the same thing.



I do not care and I really do not think anyone else does.

Its more just for fun as its Hysterical that it exists.

Should it exist ??????
Can it exist = Absolutely

Does it effect us in any way, Not really.
Just really funny.

I still think it would be cool project, if we could build our own TekOS as a community lol.


That would be cool I wonder what package manager the community would choose.