Hive IOT British Gas Thermostat

I know this isnt a new thing here in the UK, over the last few years British Gas have been giving away these Thermostats which connect to your smartphone.

Well in 2015 it was discovered that they were sending unencrypted data to and from their servers.

I know this has been covered with the US with Nest, but they where a stand alone company selling an add on. This is diffrerent in that its as i have said free with British Gas.

I didnt know if this has been brought to the attention of the forums before. It was just listening to a spotify at work that i really thought about it. (Yes i posted this on work time, I'm a time theif!)



not new per say. but new in the context that british gas is giving them away. the data mining thing has been known for a few years here in the us.

We had a British Gas engineer try to get us to install one in our home. Pretty sure they were getting commission based on how many they got booked in given the way he was selling it.

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I wouldnt be supprised, but alas it will do them out of a job in the long run!