HIS Radeon 7950 gone?

Hi all

         Does anyone know about the HIS iceQ 7950 being discontinued?? I can't find it anywhere. I wanted to add another one of these for crossfire setting but I couldn't find it. Would a different make 7950 work in a crossfire setting with my HIS 7950?? Also would I be better of getting the new R9 series (single) GPU rather than getting another 7950 for crossfire?? I am in the UK btw.




Any other 7950 should work for crossfiring.

HD 7950s are discontinued, due to the R7 and R9 release.

Oh thanks a bunch didn't know that the 7950's were discontinued. Back to my other question though, would the R9 290x be better rather than just getting another 7950?? What I am planning to do is if the crossfire isn't much different to a single 290x I would just sell my 7950 and get the 290x.



I'd get the 290x (wait for the impending third party coolers and be prepared to buy on day one). Reason being is Crossfire isn't a good solution as there are frame pacing issues and some games won't scale well with CF. 

Also, if you want to save some money, a 290 is very close to the performance of a 290x.