HIS - Good or Bad?

I am building a budget PC and I was loking for something like a Radeon 7790. Then I found for a few bucks more a 7850. but I am not familiar with the brand, HIS.

Does anybody know these guys? Are their graphics cards ok?

Does anybody have any other ideas of graphics card for the radeon 7790 price range?

Thnaks a lot

i have a HiS Radeon 7870 ghz edition, its a great card. HiS is a great brand with very good coolers.

many people just forget about HiS, but they realy make quality stuff. in my old computer i also have an old HiS radeon 128MB card, i dont know how old this one is, but i guess arround 8 years or so, but it still works ☺

HIS makes great stuff, but I think it is as ugly as sin.

That was my first thought, they look kinda ugly.


yeah that iceQ thing is a bit ugly, i have the normal Fan edition 7870. but still the card it self is great.

I think the higher end x2 cooler is baws! 

Paying for the HIS 7850 is definitely worth it in comparison to the 7790. The performance gain is noticeable