HIS 7870 w/ Fx4100 Bottleneck?

is there a bottleneck i juts bought the 7870 and i am nervous

I dont think they should bottleneck. 


Nope, me neither. Well, maybe just a tiny bit on really CPU intensive games like ARMA 2

so for dayz what do you think will happen :/

if you're going to be plaing cpu intensive games and you're worried about a bottle neck just get trhe fx4300 for $15 (about) more

I already have the fx4100 installed, i have just orderd a 7870 - thats why i am nervous. 


sorry for my lack of knowledge can you please list some cpu intensive games

Arma 2



BF3 and Skyrim are pretty CPU intensive, Natural Selection, and I think GTA 4 (Not positive if it is though).

with a 550 ti w/ fx4100 i was getting 60 fps skyrim - high settings?

You're gonna be fine.

I hope