HIS 7870 fan going crazy [Solved]

The fan on my 7870 all of the sudden won't spin up past ~15-20%. Whether I try to manually adjust it or let it stay on auto, the fan won't spin up. Occasionally when I try to manually set it to 100% it will sound like it is spinning up and then die back down and it will repeat that over and over again. Anyone know what is causing this? This happened to me once before and as quickly as it came, the problem went away.

Notice the fan tachometer reads some ridiculous numbers even though the fan is actually idling.

make sure in your amd control center that you have not set the fan speed and you could try to use the 13.9 drivers

I have rolled back to 13.8, updated windows, restarted my computer like 40 times and reinstalled 13.10 beta 2 drivers all with no luck. I even pulled out my GPU, plugged in different pci-e cables and put it back in. Still not fixed.

Moved the GPU to a different PCI-E slot and everything is fine now

Thats interesting... Its good you got it sorted out though