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Hiring a web developer


I am basically looking at what it would cost to hire a web developer, so that I can start to create a budget for a site.

I have never done this, and I am completely new to this, so I am not sure what information you would need to give an answer. So please ask, and I will do my best to give you a response.


So being completely honest, it comes down to the website.

I can help you. But usually a general outline would be good. Freelance can cost but some of us web developers like,I, tend to just do a start deposit and if its not a 2 month+ project, take another payment at the end.


Some more information is required!

What kind of website are you interested in? Something like a portfolio, online business card, eCommerce, blog, etc. How many pages? Do you want an original design, logo, etc? Do you want a static site or a content management system?

If you'd like to discuss money or anything in private, feel free to send me a private message.


I am proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, mysql, and can do SOME javascript. I understand that PHP is largely not used for modern web development, however it is still completely viable. Here is an example of my personal site, built entirely on PHP. it's stil in development, as I haven't had much time to work on it lately. Please post some more details. I'd be happy to do some work for a very low price, as I am not a professional. If it is not terribly in depth, I should no far more than needed to complete your project. I'd love t know more about this project.


@Devon - How much would you charge to create a website that is interactive (JavaScript, flash) and has a payment system built in? (Estimate of course:))

@Zim - I am looking for a website, capable of running an online business.

@Bmckalip - Not quite the style I was looking for, for interactive. So probably JavaScript and Flash.


NOTE: I am not hiring a web developer right now, I am trying to get information so that I can create a budget for my site. Although, if/when I do decide to start it, I WILL come here first!


Rock, it's still somewhat difficult to determine the price as it can still vary greatly. An eCommerce site is probably going to be the most expensive though as it will require a lot of configuration. So you still want to consider how much content/functionality you want for your site as you will probably be charged hourly. Freelancer prices can range anywhere from $30.00 an hour to over $100.00. But a flat fee could also be negotiated.

Just guesstimating and I could be completely off here, but you could potentially be looking at anywhere from $400.00 to over $1000.00. It just depends on what exactly you want to do. Also, you don't necessarily want to go for the cheapest solution either, it's better to spend more and get a better product than to cut corners and end up with a bad product.


@zim  - Totally agree with you here. I would rather pay a couple thousand dollars to get the site I want, then go less and end up regretting I didn't just pay more. But at least you gave me the ballpark of what is going to cost me.

 P.S. I am totally fine with creating a concept video, so that potential web developers can look at it and decide how much they would charge to make that. Would this be a good idea?


A video to showcase your idea? Honestly, it would probably be counterproductive. The best thing to do would probably be to create a nice PDF/Powerpoint(some kind of document that can be reference and changed later) presentation and show everything in a logical format. Layout all your ideas for all the individual pages, a site map, a flow on how your customers would ideally interact with the site, generally how you want things to work, your goals, etc. Something like that would be much more helpful than a video.


A concept video would be great. If its going to be a larger website, a few thousand is very much reasonable. It really does just depend on the scaling of the website.


@Devon - I do not want this to be so big. But being big kinda comes with the idea I have so.....

@Zim - Powerpoint, perfect. Less work for me, and as you said, much easier to change. Thanks!


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