Highly Recommendable Display Adapters

So I bought 3 display adapters, specifically 3 x DisplayPort to VGA by Coboc and pretty much all three of them have taken a shit on me and are acting up. I know this because I simply swapped out the display adapters one at a time and the one I swapped them out for isn’t giving me issues.

I was just wondering what highly reliable recommendable display adapters you can recommend.

The issue specifically is that the displays will constantly go in and out for brief seconds. I’m not sure if that helps.

do you use triple VGA displays? :open_mouth:

I use DisplayPort to HDMI and they work flawlessly.

Club3D for my choice in adapters.

So as it turns out, the fucking Wi-Fi card antennas making contact or close to eachother or the display cables is what has been causing the flashing. Ever since, I haven’t had the issue.

Man this is so fucking weird. I’ve never had such a strange tech issue like this before and let alone it being resolved by something as basic and delicate as moving the Wi-Fi card’s antennas.

I just… I’m so fucking blown away by this. Like… It shouldn’t even make sense…



(sorry, but I lost my sanity from this)

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VGA is an analogue signal, and so is vulnerable to interference. By it’s very nature, your WiFi card send out a lot of rf interface. This degraded the signal and caused those artifacts

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You should really ditch vga for literally anything else if you can but at least it’s fixed for now. I’ve had really good luck with that brand. Those adapters are great.

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I have 3 VGA displays. What type of adapters and cables should I switch to avoid interference?

I know this sounds weird, but I’m so happy that you had this problem. I don’t think that I’d ever encounter something like that. And this totally increases my knowledge of potential hardware problems. I’m a collector of those.

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To add to your knowledge or just random related information, this is also why they had to bulky chunks near the connectors on older cables. They are ferrite rings and are supposed to help with the intereference.

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I’ll take it.

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I’m afraid I can’t really offer any better guidance than ‘good quality’. There isn’t much you can do to stop the interference, that one of the reasons all display stuff is now digital. Better shielded cables will help, but I don’t know of any quantifiable way of checking which is better, so I’d just recommend going with a good, well known brand if such a thing is still around for VGA cables.
One thing you might be able to try, you could try putting some conductive material, like foil between your wire and the wifi antenna. I don’t know if that actually works or not, especially when not grounded, but there are rumours such things work

The issue came back, but I switched Wi-Fi cards, and now the issue doesn’t appear to be happening anymore.