HighLANder: Behind the scenes vlog

This is a behind the scenes vlog from my point of view. Had a ton of fun at HighLANder. I know the audio and video is a bit meh at times, working on getting a new camera to vlog with. Let me know what you guys think!

whoever was the pilot of the landing at the end, needs some serious training. that was a rough landing

cool video bro, keep up gods work.

So I think this confirms that Qain is a Terminator...

Great detailed video Jimmy...keep up the great work!

Damn that Santa is scary!

I did not know your would release this on there Jimmy. I really enjoyed your blog this week. Thanks for the inside look. I like the look Logan gives you sometimes when you turn the camera on him. He kind of looks a little annoyed lol.  

I keep noticing Logan is putting on some weight,
maybe tek syndicate should have a forum section for healthy cooking and exercise after all

"rough" landings are actually way safer than smooth ones

didnt know jimmy had a channel, nice vid btw

i love these behind the scenes footage

climbing mountain that will take all day with shorts on...reminder put sunscreen on legs aswell

That landing was fucking funny hahaha!

Did, twice.

Hmm, mind explaining why that is?

Pilots land hard if there is any possibility of the runway being wet. The hard landing breaks through the surface of any water that may be there so the airplane doesn't end up hydroplaning. Fast moving airplane + hydroplaning = bad day.

Ya I got sun burnt last time I drove threw Colorado with the top down.

If I hadn't seen the plethora of videos from Linus, Austin, and Newegg... I would have said this was fake. The background looks so fake when you guys are in the summit. That's unreal how it looks up that mountain.

That was way too many vlogceptions!

When i was 17 I climbed Wheeler peak in New Mexico it was Awesome. Also we use to do allot of hiking along the Appalachian Trail. I remember one time when i was 9 we were camping along the Appalachian Trail on Upper Wolf Jaw mountain range { http://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Upper-Wolfjaw-Mountain/photos/8337 } and when we woke up there was a 8 inches of snow on the ground and my uncle showed me how to make snow shoes we found tracks of a black bear right next to camp and later saw it on the trail it was so much fun.