Highlander 2.0, Mile High Club

Now how do you top the Highlander? Well, how's about you go higher? Certainly more logistics to take care of, but here's a list of the longest non stop flights.

On the bright side you'll all be trapped in a tiny cabin together for 16 hours.

Next step is going to be a lan party on the ISS

(cough) mars (cough)

You could basecamp everest and not need o2. Better do it soon, because they're going to filter based on age and experience soon.

To be honest, what are the chances of a bunch of nerds locked up together with a bunch of computer hardware in a confined space in space for several months not already have had ample lan parties in orbit?

I don't think that's a new one, I'm pretty sure it already happened on Spacelab in the 80's or so...