Higher voltage required for adaptive/offset mode than manual mode to be stable. WHY?

Hey guys. I need a little help. T.T

I've had my 4790k running 1.104v (manual) for nearly a year, without issues, at the stock turbo of 4.4ghz. Last night, I got tired of the static voltage and tried using adaptive mode... and then offset mode... Both of them resulted in the same voltage, roughly. That's 0.626v idle, to 1.136v load. I cannot get it down to the same max as my manual voltage. It'll blue screen if I enter anything more than -0.085v offset value, probably because it doesn't have enough voltage to be stable at near idle clocks.

Offset mode: -0.085
adaptive mode: 1.000v, offset value -0.085.

Could anyone with more knowledge help me get my max voltage down to 1.100 to 1.105v?