Higher Refresh Rate vs. Lower Response Times

Hi guys, so I've been noodling over NewEgg and Amazon for a monitor upgrade. I currently have a 32" 1080p 3DTV @60Hz and about an 8ms response time. It's pretty decent and the image quality is great. 

However, what I want is very fluid gameplay.

I do not want to compromise in size, so 24" is out of the question. What I need is a 27" monitor.


So here's what I'm asking, When it comes to fluidity, what is better, higher refresh rate, or lower response times?

I have seen many gaming 27" monitors that have  a low response time of 5ms, 2ms, and 1ms. However they are IPS panels, and although I know that IPS is great for color reproduction I hear that's it's generally slow for refresh rates/fluidity.

The ones with a higher refresh rate are generally more expensive and I was looking for a 120hz monitor but it seems they're being replaced by 144hz monitors as I can't find many anymore.

One last thing. I want to stay at 1080p

My budget is $200 - $300. MAYBE up to $350, but ABSOLUTELY no more than that, with tax and everything.


Here are some of the monitors I was considering:






1. Never look at response times presented by the manufacturer. Look for reviews that examine it in detail, show photos of ghosting / overdrive artifacts etc. Those 1ms, 2ms and such numbers don't mean anything.

2. There's no significant difference between response times that are less than one frame. With a 60 Hz monitor, you will likely not see any difference between 15 ms and 5 ms.

3. Higher refresh rates do provide more fluidity, low response times with 60 Hz refresh rate do not.

What you generally want is a 23" 1080p 144Hz TN panel for gaming and a 27"+ 1440p+ IPS panel for everything else.

However, if you can only afford one, get a 27" 1440p IPS panel. It's acceptable for gaming and makes everything else much more convenient.

Thanks for the reply, Dissentient. Honestly I don't want to go above 1080p. I like everything where it is, in terms of resolution. Plus, since I'm downsizing a few inches, the pixels are less noticeable.

Everything else though, definitely taking into account. So basically, I'll be looking for higher refresh rate 27" monitor. A lot of them seem to be IPS panels so it's likely I'll be getting one. I'll see what I find.

I would go with either of the Asus monitors you were looking at. But check some reviews and see what people say about them first.

This is what you want, but it is out of your price range.  You could maybe find one on ebay or something that is how I got my Samsung 23in 120hz for $170.


I finally decided on the Asus 24" 144 VG248QE. I also bought a wall mount for the 32 inch TV I was using and decided to do a dual screen configuration. The results were awesome! I'm so glad I bought this monitor. Everything is sooooooooo smoooth!!!!!!


that is a good budget fast refresh rate monitor and response time is decent ... just need to sit a few inches closer to make up for the reduced size      lol

Honestly, I don't really have to. The smaller size screen allows me to take in more information without having to move my eyes like I did with the 32". I thought bigger was better but actually, it isn't. It's actually perfect.