Higher overclock =lower temps?

so i recently started overclocking my amd fx 6300 and i had it at about 4.5 ghz stable and @63-65 celsius in prime 95 then i accidentally hit clear cmos while moving my computer so i had to overclock again i messed around with the cpu and had it at 4.7ghz stable @56-60 Celsius so apparently my h80i is Magic what do you guys think?

Have you checked CPU-z to verify that it is actually running at 4.7 Ghz?

Also, AMD using some form of calculations to calculate the CPU temperature instead of using a sensor, so it can be pretty inaccurate - 5-10C off of what it actually is, from what i've heard.

How are you measuring the temps? I'm not sure about the FX 6300 CPU but I know the AMD 760K I have is not supported in may programs like CPUID and gave me really random readings when OC'ing.

I ended up reading socket temperature with the motherboard's software, and reading thermal margin with AMD Overdrive.


yes i checked its at 4.69 ghz in cpuz and yes its supported and im using cpuz core temp and speed fan


Is the voltage the same? If I vary the Voltage on my FX6350 by .025V it changes max temps by 6C