High vs Max Settings. Is there a huge difference?

Like the question states, is there a crazy difference between high and max settings? I'm going to build my gaming pc soon and i would like to know am i missing out if i just play at high. 

Depends on the game? I usually play my games on Ultra textures and Effects but I just turn Ambient Occlusion and other filters down and I gain like 20fps. Either way most games are tolerable on medium settings to begin with, and I am very picky.

Some games look better without filters anyway, especially BF4/BF3. In most FPS games, filters seriously hinder your visibility.

Depends on the particular presets a particular game has installed. Usually, 'high' already means 'pretty decent' and max is just that little extra which kills most cards :)


I play on ultra but thats only because in basically every game i play currently i can play ultra 1080p and still get 60 FPS. i dont have a problem playing on any setting as long as im getting 60FPS and 1080p

No there isnt a huge difference, specially on games like BF4.