High temps on new PC

hey guys! so i built a new PC today, yay! it has an intel i7 4790k and a be quiet dark rock 3 cooler on it, i activated XMP profile in bios on the RAM, i got intel burn test, i started running it on the "high" setting and i saw my temps jump up to the high 90's on 2 cores so i immediality stopped the benchmark.. the cooler is firm against the motherboard, maybe i put on too little thermal paste? it's arctic silver.


should i redo the thermal paste maybe? the installation of the cooler was kinda horrible but i did it right and now it's sitting firm against the motherboard, making good contact with the CPU. i'm sure i didn't put too much thermal paste on atleast, if anything too little. what do i do?

  • Ambient temp of the room
  • Are you using the fans that came with the heatsink or something else
  • Thats called a burn test for a reason btw.
  • Whats the setup of your air flow, pictures?
  • i7 will run hot because of hyperthreading, have you Overclocked your cpu?
  • Whats the voltage youre running through

i can't say the ambient of my room, but if i take off my clothes it's not pleasant it's cold if that's to any use probably not but hey

the fan on the heatsink is a be quiet silentwing 2

i have NOT touched my CPU at all yet, everything is on auto. it idles at 30 degrees and when running the intel burntest the volts go up to 1.269

i don't know how i put in pictures sorry. the case is corsair carbide air 540 with 2 stock af 140mm in front as intake and 1 in the back as exhaust.

i thought a 80 dollar cpu cooler would keep it down a bit better than that.. maybe i did the thermal paste wrong

Did you remove the protective cover from the contact area on the cooler?

Just rsinstall the cooler and check if everything is ok.


it was my first time building a pc but i'm not stupid :P ofcourse i did, i'll try tomorrow, it's so hard with my heatsink cuz you gotta position it ontop of the 4 screws and you can't see anything o.o

is it a big deal if i try to position it on the CPU, touches it and the thermal paste a bit and then pull it of and go at it again? will it mess up the thermal paste spreading?

Check your cpu fan setting in bios/uefi. Maybe a cooler reset is in order?

what do you mean? a cooler reset, like a new cooler?