High temperaturs after changing case and mobo

my 6870 is  now at 95 degrees and no more at 75 anyoe has an idea where the problem could be

case: fractal design define r4

mobo:asus m5a99fx pro 2.0

What cooling are you using, is it a reference 6870 or which aftermarket cooler is on it?

Do you have decent airflow through your case?

Have you overclocked the card at any point? If so try reset it to factory settings and start again.

its xfx dd card airflow whise it has the stock fans so one in bottom front one in the back

did tried at stock settings diddnt helped

solved changed the pcie slot temps gon down to 85 degrees


That is super bizarre. I had issues when I tried running my GPU out of the second slot on that particular board. If it's still under warranty I'd consider getting a replacement instead of just making do. Will kind of suck if you have an OEM version of windows.