High Temp GPU


I just used a software calleed Hardware monitor and it showed when playing Chiveraly Medieval Warfare my XFX R7970 ghz Edition got an average of 81 degree celsuis. I don't know what to do as most people say 80 is the max you should have and this isn't even a high end game. is there anyway i can cool it down?

you can manually ajust the fan speed of the card so it spins faster, but this will be noisy.Go to amd catalyst, performance, then overdrive, to ajust the speed.  Or you could move some fans around in your case to direct more airflow to the card. Try mounting a fan on the side panel or in the floor of the case if possible. The 200mm fan on my side panel reduces my load temps of my 7770 crossfire by a rediculious 17 Degrees celcius.

I have a HAF X case which has a prebuilt side fan 200mm I think it is. What percenatge fan speed do you suggest?

My card goes to 90 when under load :P.

try to find balance betrween noise, and cooling 50-70% i would say, i think you can set custom fan proflies with msi afterburner, you might want to check that out.


Yea you should definitely check out MSI Afterburner, you can adjust the fan speed manually there and have multiple profiles. But I would start getting a bit concerned if my GPU got above 70 degrees C... The highest I have ever seen it on is about 65c. (I have a MSI HD 7870 OC Twin Frozr 3)


I like to have the fan curve on the GFX card to be 10% higher than the temperature. It sometimes gets a but louder, but usually doesnt need to spin up very high as it stays cool from the get-go.