High Refresh Lower Res Vs High Res Lower Refresh

Okay, I got you ask your opinion on this.

I was wondering what you think is the more enjoyable gaming experience?

Either you have a 120Hz or 144Hz 1080P monitor


You have a 1440P/4K display stuck at 60Hz

I suppose the ROG Swift PG278Q is the compromise between the two but regardless of resolution, you need a decent amount of power to push 144Hz even on 1080P with a single card. What I am putting into consideration is that most people are going to stick with single card configurations as SLI/Crossfire have their obvious downsides.

In the end either higher resolutions with 60Hz or 1080P with 144Hz is going to cost in terms of display and graphics cards. 

I am still on a 60hz 1080p TN monitor.  I haven't used a 144hz panel or 1440p/4k, but I don't think 1440p is enough pixels to justify the lower refresh rate. I'd  probably pick between 1080p 144hz and 4k 60hz. From the perspective of a single gpu, I'd probably go with the 1080p option done most games can't run at 60fps on 4k

Also I'll come out and say that I don't think that ips is worth the price premium for gaming 

Same here with a 1080P 60Hz.

Just for the hell of it I turned down my display output and set my monitor to 75Hz, I honestly could not tell much difference. At the lower resolution my computer could easily push the graphics playing BL2.

Yeah IPS is nice and all, I found one for my buddy for $130. I could immediately tell the difference between the TN and IPS. 

I kind of wish the 21:9 aspect ratio caught on.  I wouldn't mind buying a 120Hz 2560x1080 panel if it doesn't exist already.

I randomly decided to check eBay and found this LINK