High Quality Spotify?

Anyone know if the High Quality Spotify setting (320kbps) applys to all tracks? 

Also, anyone use spotiamp/know a good place to download it?

As far as I know it applies to all tracks.  Never used spotiamp though.  Is it basically just a winamp skin for spotify?

I like to have a copy of all of the music that I like myself so that I don't experience any interruptions, drops in quality, etc. It also frees up bandwidth in the sense that you only download it once instead of streaming it every time that you use it. Being able to do things offline is a priority of mine ever since the days of crappy internet. That is why I have so much storage in my pc. I have a copy of everything that I need for myself.

P.s. How are those headphones working out for you?

The headphones are awesome. I decided that getting something not super bass heavy worked well for me anyway since edm is only a small part of the stuff I listen to. I don't notice any of the harshness I did before so that is cool. My parents wanted to get me the e07k for christmas so I'm waiting on that to do a full review of my set up. 

as for the 320kbps spotify its awesome. been using it for like an hour or so now and there is definitely a difference. My internet is fine for streaming so I haven't noticed any skips or anything like that yet. 10 bucks a month seems worth it to me considering how much music I've already saved on here. 

I am glad that things are working out so well for you.