High profile ram Which cpu cooler?

Here's what i've got 

cm storm scout 2 white

i7-3770k, 3.50ghz, 8mb

Asus P8Z77-V

2 x 8Gb Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz (high profile) planning to buy another 2 in the futher

samsung ssd 840 120gb

seagate 2tb

corsair gs600 psu

Which cpu cooler will fit over the ram? Water cooling is a option. I want to do some overclocking but it has to be QUIET. Budget is under 60 pound or 90 dollars (the more under the better) 

mmm maybe a H60 from corsair? it's a nice little water cooler that is predone for you and you can't argue with a good product so there you go :)

coolermaster saidom 120XL or 240M Liqiud coolers.

You can remove the heatsinks from the Vengeance series memory with a heat sun (hair dryer works). the actual modules are tiny, and look better to me than the gaudy heatsinks of the HP Vengeance modules. The LP Vengeance looks great, though. 

Try removing the heatsinks, if you want. Don't pull them too hard, but gently heat them, first.