High pitch sound coming from speakers

Hello all, I have a problem wich occured out of nowhere just yesterday.

After removing my PSU for cleaning and replacing the fan and putting it back in my rig i noticed a high pitch sound comming from my speakers. First i tought it was from my rig but realised i head it comming from the speakers.

This problem might have been going of for a while i don't know but i noticed it yesterday being real colse to my speakers.


Now I've tryed reinstalling soundcard drivers, i even disabled my soundcard in Device Manager but the sound prevailed so i figure its not the Motherboard sound issue.

Also checked the speakerwires everything seems to be in order.

The sound is high pitch, not constant. I have my PC connected to an Oldskool Pioneer amp with 2 Technics 80W speakers.

Could it be im getting iterfernace somwhere from my PC?


your probaly geting feed back from your amp turn your out put down and then see if that helps. if not turn your amp down.