High performance drives?

how can I tell a bad drive from a good drive and is there any reason to pay a premium for a drive?

reviews, best thing to check for any computer part

the more you pay for a HDD the more space/performance ur gonna get (depending on what ur looking for)

honistly you really dont need raptors, just normal old segate or wd or another brand like hitachi 7200rpm sata II drives

they work like a charm and are actually worth the price

If you're paranoid about hard drive failures, divide the number by 2.

(i.e 1TB HD = 2x500GB) This is a fail proof way of maintaining a safe HDD system without running RAID 1. Just make sure you designate your drives and partitions.

(i.e 2 Drives; 4 partitions.

P1 = Windows

P2 = Torrents

P3 = Linux/Multimedia

P4 = Important files.

Brand name(optional)

RPM: 7200 RPM or 10000RPM

Interface: SATA

Buffer Mem: 8Mb or more

Capacity: 500Gb or more

Price: ;Thumb


Western Digital Caviar Black[/url] 1TB $149.99

[url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136218&Tpk=WD6400AAKS]Western Digital Caviar[/url] 640Gb $79.99