High GPU Clock speed with dual monitors

Hey all,

Since I've set up dual monitors, my gpu clock speed remains high on idle. I heard this was normal, but is there a way to fix this and what if I don't fix it, will this damage my video card? Moreover, I realized the my gpu temp increased while on dual monitor set up. If I remove dual monitor setup gpu clock speed runs low on idle with cool temps around 28 degrees. If anyone can clarify this for me I'd truly appreciate the help. 

GPU: EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 780Ti Super Clocked w/ ACX Cooler


Cheers \m/

Well im running a triple display port monitor setup and my 760 stays the same temp at around 25 to 30 degrees

I have the same "problem" except that it isn't really a problem for me because temps are totally fine. I fixed it somehow a few months ago but I can't remember how -.-

I'm on a fresh windows install again so the problem is back, I just noticed it again. I'll see if I can find the fix I used earlier.....


Weird, it is working correctly now. Make sure you set power saving to adaptive and NOT to prefer maximum performance. I have one monitor connected via HDMI and the other one via DP (I heard that this matters as well, I'm not sure) I guess I initiated this "bug" because I was messing around with power modes on the CPU and the GPU (switching to maximum performance mode as soon as I started up a game) so I'll just leave them be for now. I also couldn't reproduce it, really weird.

I'll keep monitoring my GPU for the next few days, maybe I can come up with something....