High End Gaming PC

So my cousin just moved to the US for College and he wants a really good gaming PC. It's for 1440p gaming. He does not want to go over $2200 dollars but he will go over if needed. Trust me, I have told him multiple times that this is overkill but he won't believe me. This is strictly for gaming. He will also be overclocking the CPU quite a bit. 

I made him a build, though I'm not sure about the parts since I don't have much experience with high end builds.


All suggestions appreciated.

If the system if strictly gaming, why not go for an i5 3570k, it can overclock very well, it isnt too expensive and the cores are individually more powerful than AMD ones. So you will be getting much better gaming performance when you consider that there arent even very many games that use 4 cores, let alone 8 cores. If the rig is purely for gaming as you say, then I believe that 8 cores are useless.

The 8350 beats the 3570k most of the time. And is 40 dollars cheaper :P

Are you sure he wants a 1440p monitor? He could have one hell of a system if he went for a more reasonable resolution.


looks good but I changed the mobo and cpu cooler.

This is what I would buy for $2200:


You would be hard pressed to find somthing that performs better and it comes with a couple hundred bucks worth of free games.

@anarmypig 1440p looks so much better. And that build is way overkill for 1080p. He doesn't need a 4770k for gaming..

@ragingh4vok He really likes the mobo that I showed him. So he is pretty set on that one. And he wants his cpu watercooled, for better overclocks. 


How about this, then?


You're missing 2 important features. An SSD and a proper case. The graphics card is the length of the case.