HIFIMAN HE400 + Modmic (Xbox One) - Does this work?

Hello guys, my first post here.

I've bought an Astro A50 for Xbox One but I've returned them. I didn't think they're worth the money, and I want headphones that i can use on PC and Smartphone as well.

I've recently discovered Tek Syndicate through the Make Your Own Gaming Headset videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgTnJ3JQQ0E). Unfortunately I think that these suggestions don't work on console gamers. Only on PC, right?

I'm thinking to get an Hifiman HE400 and a modmic to use them on xbox one.
I would like to ask you if with this setup, I would be able to receive both game and chat audio on the headphones, and reply to my friends with the modmic attached.

I hope not b/c then we'll have good hardware (the mic) attached to crap hardware (xbone) but it prolly does.

I have done this before. Unfortunately the quality of the splittler most likely has a great deal of the sound quality of both mic and headphones. Although it could be the fact that I was using a USB mic with the listen to device checked and audio out going to the mic in on the splitter.

I will retest it later on since I bought one of those Sony Lav mics.

I admit. I don't know anything about splitters, so here's my question... Once the splitter has so much importance in this setup, are they all the same quality or are also some splitters better than others?

Another question that I forgot to mention...
In my country (Portugal) the Hifiman HE400 it's not commercialized so I can't go into a store and test them before I buy them. I was reading about them online, and from what I saw, people love them. But do they need amplification? Of course they would be better with an amp, but do they sound good without it or they really need an amp to get that awesome audio quality?
I'm asking this because I would use them also on my PC and Smartphone, so it's not in my plans for now to get an amp. Are they worth it even without amplification? Please say "YES".

Thank you guys!

I would say if you really don't intend to get an amp you should get something else they would still be worth it but if you want a better well rounded pair you should look elsewhere. These don't really do well for mobile use being open back and the cable is just way too long if you actually intend on moving around with them they are also a pretty heavy pair of cans so really they are really only meant for use at a comp or dedicated home audio system.