Hide or delete Pc software

I wanted to know if i can hide or delete application im running like steam, minecraft, and other of my personal applications that I use from other accounts on my PC. Ive tried deleting the shortcut from the other users but they just delete the shortcut on my account

Any administrative account, through add/remove programs, or Programs and features, in the control panel.

yes but it uninstalls it from all accounts

If something is installed, it is put (generally) in C:\Program files. Which are for everyone on the PC.

If you install something, or uninstall something, its for everyone.

Even if a program asks, if its just for you, or everyone, its still for everyone, just only creates shortcuts or allows access to one account.

TL;DR All or nothing.

i understand but why does it delete my shortcut when i delete it off lets say my siblings account?

Because there are two desktop folders for each account, a personal one, and one that's common between everyone.

The icons were most likely placed in this "Public" Desktop, which goes to everyone's account, so once its deleted, its deleted from every bodies desktop.

If you are the administrator of the computer, and the other users are non admin (or even if they are) you can set exceptions in the access control menu in the security tab under properties of the folder. Set exceptions for the user you don't want to see your porn collection to deny full control and they will not be able to access the folder information etc without your password.

Then delete the shortcut on their account (which will probably delete yours too) then put up a new shortcut and you're gold. Since they cannot access the folder with the information on it anymore they will  no longer see the shortcut.