Hide Hidden Files On Only Specific Folders

Hey, there's a quick tweak I've been trying to find for the past few months. It's quite trivial, to be honest. Is there any way to hide hidden files on only a few folders? I usually show the hidden files just for the sake of being able to tweak my system when needed. But, I don't need this on my folders such as my user folder, which of course shows AppData and other folders which I do not need to see.

Of course, this is aestetic modifications. So, it isn't as important as, say, my system won't POST. But, it is a function I would like to have.

Thanks to anyone who replies

I'm pretty sure this falls into the "can't have your cake and eat it too" category. I've dealt with this myself as I (for some reason) like to see hidden files like my swap file, etc, but am not really interested in seeing the hundreds of 'desktop.ini' files. My only suggestion would be to look into customizing icons, but I don't think you can do this for individual files (on a PC atleast). Folders yes, files not so much. Atleast not without some 3rd party app I've not heard about.

you can make them system hidden... which is technically above "normal" hidden.... but to view them you would need to use cmd, or enable viewing system files.

Are you talking about the level of hidden that includes the $FileName type folders? Because those are still visible if you uncheck the "hide system files/folders" option. You can't access them, but they're visible.