Hi Yo Hello Z87

I havent been here in a little while, and will be more active on the forums.


Have a picture of some sexy Z87 awesomeness.


Haswell will be the equivalent of going from Sandy to Ivy, in comparison to Ivy. Still, very sexy.

***Waits for an AMD vs Intel debate here***


nah, we all know AMD kicks ass....

its so pretty

I cant wait until the NDA is lifted and some real world benches come out, and i also want to see how well these will OC, apparently theyre supposed to OC better than Ivy

And we shall refutate that statement.

ARM will win.

I don't see ARM with a 4ghz 8 core cpu....

I wouldn't say that. Haswell is a completely new platform, which means we should see a significant increase in performance.

I was being sarcastic

They've reported up to a 10% increase in performance.... So no.