Hi there guys... advise please. Bump to mods auto

Im lookign for a pc that can play Crysis 3 on high setting.

What i already have:

HDD: 2 2tb drives, 120gb ssd

Optical drives x6

What im buying from friend: Phenom ii x4 965 and liquid cooler, 4gb ram 2200mhz, AM3 motherboard gigabyte (this one http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3421#ov) $150 for all of this

What i believe i need still: Case,Psu, GPU (but the trouble is i dotn know much about bottlenecking so i don't know what gpu can handle crysis 3 off of a phenom ii x4 965. I plan on getting 4gb more ram aslo..... My budget for all of this... $400-$500

So im going $750 deep into my new pc.

I was looking at getting a card that could play bf3 on high (not ultra) and crysis 3 multiplayer on high. I also want to play league of legends at 80 fps maxed out settings. I do love nvidia cards though.... right now i have a pentium d 3.4ghz and a gtx 610... and this 610 is a f****** beast...... better than my old hd 4350

this doesn't need to be bumped to mods.

as for a budget you might need to go AMD for money constraints.

i'll let some else put something toegther for you as I have to tend to some irl stuff right now

you just need a good gfx card

Case: HAF 912 56$




Corsair CX 750M modular PSU 70$:



XFX HD 7870 233$ :



Doesn't get much better with that budget and with that CPU, I would only get HD 7870's. Higher GPU's will bottleneck your system with that CPU. I think you should get about 60 FPS in gaming.

Thanks Giant i will definetely keep this in mind. Although i think i might try to get a slightly better case..... Rosewill armor evo's are on sale right no on new egg and come with 6 fans.


For the same price I'd honestly get the 7870 XT, its basically an undercloked 7950.

I've got the HAF 912 Advanced which has an 8th slot, has a black finish, and another 200 mm fan, but is basically the same. I love that case, it has everything besides 2 minor things I don't like about it. It's espeacially perfectly aimed for your price range. But it's kind of a taste thing here. It really doesn't matter that much. It's priced great. For instance: For the 30 bucks you are going to save on the case, you can add an XFX 850 watt power supply. It's a bit overkill, but great for the future, and overclocking, and adding GPU's. etc. etc.. and using it for yor next system...