Hi Logan, Can You Explain Intel MoBo Chipsets Please?

Hi Logan, can you explain different chipsets and the options/differences on the intel 1155 motherboards please. i recently put this on the forum but didnt get a good responce. maybe a video on chipsets maybe a good idea as you dont currently have a video comparing chipsets.

more info: I was going to build a gaming PC with the Intel I5 3570K processor (want to do overclocking) and the GTX 770 and was wanting to know the best chipset to overclock and just general stuff about the chipsets so i am more knowledgeable

Thanks, Danny

There is only one that fits your bill. Z77.

okay cheers, z77 it is then

The main difference between all the chipsets are the features they each have. For example the z77 has ALL THE FEATURES (except vPro) whilst lower ones will not.

There's a reasonable (but not super detailed) break down on the wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_1155#Ivy_Bridge_chipsets