HGST SAS Drive low RPM idle mode

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of 6TB HGST SAS drives which I want to send into the “low RPM idle mode” (and yes, there is such a thing!) to save power and to reduce noise and drive temperature while idle (primary factor).

As it is as SAS drive I just cannot set the APM level with hdparm and have to use sdparm - I just couldn’t find anything related to APM settings and sdparm.

Can somebody help me out?


I joined this forum just answer this as it is common, often unnoticed and can be tricky to resolve if you are not familiar with these drives and the tools.

I posted the link to my blog that comprehensively answers this very issue, only to have my account cancelled and ip blocked by a heavy handed admin or bot and the post removed.

So I created another account using a different email and used a VPN just jump back on here just to say WTF?

good luck with finding the answer to this and access to a resource that answers other questions that I’ve seen asked and not answered well on this forum.

Hit me on other forums if you need help.


That’s weird. There are many restrictions for new users but that sounds strange. I don’t know, I am also relatively new here.
I am trying to find links that would match. Maybe you can post them without makeing them clickable links? Is this one of the forum posts in question?

Did your post here offer advice or was it along the lines of “The answer is on my blog”?

If it was closer to the latter it might have been flagged as spam.

I’m not aware of such an event. And presume that you did so on another account name previously.

New users are commonly restricted in posting links until they have made a certain number of posts or been a member for long enough. This exists as a means to mitigate spam & other link related problems. This is an unfortunate necessity to keep the forums sane, safe and functional.

However if you message one of the leaders, visible here:

We will help users through any reasonable issues.

I have also noticed that while there are several rules & FAQ pages for new users, there is no distinct Point of Contact documentation that explains to new users where to go to and who to contact if they experience issues.

I will address this with the other leaders.
Thank you.


Hey thanks for all the help on that.

I’m just curious if it helped xvzf. Should cutdown a bit of heat and energy consumption (especially once you start to get over the 8 drive mark).