HG8045H bridge mode in Ecuador

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Hi Mesro09 - I am out of the country, however, when I return I will try to take some screenshots of my settings so you can get this working. From memory, you need to get into the administration mode of NetLife, then you can switch the NetLife router to bridge mode and use your own router instead. I would recommend backing up the configuration file so you can restore the router if all goes wrong.

To get into the router, used to be:

User: telecomadmin
Pass: Ecua-1520!

You can then go and set the modem to 'bridge' mode.

I have my router's port on my Zywall USG50 set to 'e900' - this was something that I had from my previous setup where I replaced the LinkSys E900 router with my own. When NetLife switched their old style FTTH modem to the new all-in-one modem/router, I went for this option.

Also, I recommend to not use the wifi option of the all-in-one-router from NetLife - it causes the router to get far too hot and made it unstable.

I am flying back out again this afternoon (unexpectedly), but I hope this gives you enough to try this out. Please try if you can get into the router with the telcomadmin password. I found it by googling a lot, but it is possible it was changed again since. You can also save the full settings to a file first once you're in the router, this will allow you to recover if anything goes wrong.

Hi wiebo. I'm having some issues trying to put the HG8045H in bridge mode. I'm a Netlife customer with the 100/100mbps plan.
I have an Airport Extreme router of my own and I would like that it would be in charge of doing the DHCP instead of the Huawei (right now I have my Airport in bridge mode so I don't have double NAT problems).
When I put the HG8045H in bridge mode, I can't get navigation, some Netlife staff told me that they have a range of IP's reserved for the 100/100 plans, and they authenticate with the MAC address of the HG8045H, so that's why the bridge mode on the HG8045H won't work.
Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Sincere apologies for the extremely slow response, lots of travel :)

I basically cloned my MAC address of the HG8045H to my router's WAN1 port (I have a dual WAN port router) and put the Interface Name as e900. The e900 is the Cisco router that was used on the 100/100 service before this HG8045H was forced on us.

My router is a Zywall USG50 and I'm hitting the limits of it, so I will end up having to upgrade to something more powerful, or the router will bottleneck when I get the 200/200 service, starting next month.

The good thing is that the MAC address of the HG8045H can be cloned to the router you want to use, then enable bridge mode (and turn off the wifi of the HG8045H, as that makes it overheat like mad) and it worked for me.

Hope that helps,

dear friend thanks for your reply
let me exapin something more about hg8045H
this modem working with vlaln (999) and when i put it to bridge mode it doesnt authenticate i also clone mac and vlan tag with my firewall(pfsense )but notthing and nothing
a staff of netlife saidm ethis modem is authenticate with mac+serial number + flags so i was trying to login by ssh but netiher telecomadmin nor root could success to login
according to huwei support this modem is enterprise so for take all features control we need to use configuration tool (like some router of ubiquiti and microtik)
so i am still investigating about that i hope to find solution

Hola @mesro09 estoy ahora con el mismo inconveniente, tenía configurado antes mi router con el equipo gris/negro que tenía Netlife, el cable de red que salía de ese equipo tenía ahí la IP pública, cuando me actualizaron al HG8045H, mi router quedó dentro de la red local del otro equipo y ya no tengo acceso a mi DVR y a un servidor que tenía apuntando hacia afuera, no sé si lograste configurar lo del Bridge mode, yo selecciono la opción esa y no resulta, te agradecería infinitamente si me ayudas.

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