Hey, what's the best CPU?


Answer No. 1

Can we get 10?

Lol, troll post is obvious, but I'll answer anyway.

Intel Core i7 3960X is the best CPU on the market right now, but obviously not the best on your wallet.

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That's why I said obvious troll was obvious.

Depends what for, Xeon.

I thought youtube embedding was fixed?

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I see.

if you on a budget and still need true processing an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition will do, you can even unlock the cores to 6


Are you sure about the core unlock on the 965? I'd believe it if it were the 970 or 980, but the 965 was on the market way, way before the 6 core Phenom II's were. The best bang for the buck right now is an i5 2500K, but if you still can't afford that, then a Phenom II is the way to go, especially if it's one of the black edition 6-cores.