Hey we are making a hackerspace/makerspace in Iraq and it would be awesome if you support us!

i'm one of the core members in the fikraspace one of the hackerspaces that the money is going to.
we are crowd funding money to help us get better stuff, tools, and a place of our own.
we would be grateful if you guys would donate to us and/or share our campaign.
here's our facebook page if you are interested in following us, we have new events every week!

 here's our campaign link


be careful, You know what America will do if they get wind of people in a group with "Hacker" in its name

Coming from a previous board member of a Hacker space in the midwest of the USA. I'd recommend you follow the NYC resistor model and limit membership to the original core. But be open and inclusive to the community around you. Host events and teaching seminars, anything your core group is passionate about. Buy a lazer cutter and 3D printe rbut charge a small fee for those outside of the core group to attend events to use it our just use it in general. Stick with that till you figure out all legal issues and are financially stable. Then discuss with the group if they want to add others to the group (at least a year out). 

Also publicze anything awesome your doing.

Good luck 

and you don't me to tell you to stay the heck away from politics.