Hey! some guy here, want me to make something free for you? (digital stuff)

I'm more leaning toward grommets and clips underneath, but position matters.

I have been looking at a Bungee, maybe Razer's, for my mouse.

yeah keep those 3 routed freely. I use 2 because I like my keyboard and headset to drop back to the left of the monitor and the mouse to have a couple inches of slack on it's own. Other than that I try to keep everything tied to the desk itself. It's not often you have excess length in chordage, but where you do, try not to wrap anything up tightly. Cat and RG6 cables obviously can be done to length. I've never had any electrical interference, but you could try to separate power chords from the rest of the cables. I haven't gone that far nor do I plan to.

I've yet to see an interference issue when bundling everything together, luckily.

i can make an intro for you, but i only have a laptop, so you gotta render it yourself (3D? animation, or motion graphics?)

abt the logo, (can you shorten it? Max Damage is quite the long name for something that is suppose to be short concentration
ie, MaxD or Max Dam,
.,, a syllable per meaningful character

sorry, can't really help you here

my way of managing cables are not usual, i buy the table, jet a saw out, and cut 3 inward slots per side to sort everything out for me

not really normal, but only way that works for me

That's interesting.

That would be great, just give me instructions in pm what program to use and how to do it, I've never rendered before.

Hmm, maybe just shorten it to Max then

Wow well choose the ones that you like the most. I would love to see them.

I could use a logo for myself to use on Steam, Twitter, HLTV, etc. I am a CounterStrike player (:

I like simple vector graphics usually. My player name is "jlb" (J / L / B in case the font is confusing you).
If you have any questions about what to make let me know. I can show you some other team/player logos as inspiration.

Could you give me a textured model of a jellyfish? And maybe an animation for the jellyfish, floating in the water? As hi-poly as you'd like. Maybe a few corals/kelp as well. Any of these things if you're interested.

Do you have a portfolio anywhere, and would you be interested in modeling for games?

Would you be interested in designing a logo for my FOSS web app I'm writing? (https://github.com/k4kfh/LocoThrottleJS) It's a JavaScript/HTML thing to make controlling model trains more realistic like the real thing. If you want more info I will happily explain, and I have some ideas for logos already, I just wanted to keep this post short. Just something 2D, I just have the skill of a fruit fly when it comes to using things like PhotoShop/Illustrator/InkScape and such. I have no money so I wasn't going to have a logo, but then HEY FREE STUFF!

We can talk here, on PMs, Steam, Skype, email, whatever works for you.


EDIT: I will include you in the credits of the program both on GitHub and in the program's "credits" page (the credits page may take a bit to put together but you will be there)

I could use a logo for my clan if you're still up for it.


PM and I can give you any information you need, I'll happily add you as a site contributor!


is this logo ok? or does this look bad?

I love it! Thank you. I appreciate it.

talk on PM or here? fill me in with details
you want vector i presume? if you have some ideas, pitch it, but i doubt it'll come out as expected, cuz things in our brains always look nicer than real life

mate! that was FRIGGIN quick! and i'm happy that you're happy~!

can you tell me what is your site about first? can't really figure it out......

"Now we're here, a small number of you (who I asume to be reading this) know about Flying Raccoons, my small clan that provides public servers for everyone to play on. "

Looks like a site that hosts servers for games such as Minecraft.

new result for the program "loco throttle"

what about a 3D model of an OV-10 Bronco. It should be rigged/animated too. Poly count kept low for game usage. Arma 3 is the goal.