Hey! some guy here, want me to make something free for you? (digital stuff)

hey! just some guy here...

so here's the story, i've been doing 3d modeling, CADing, logo designs, shirt designs, architectural designs, you name it!
but it's time, i'd like to pursue this as a off-time career, but first, i need to start off free

so, if there's anything you want me to design (don't get your hopes up though) reply, and fill in details, and i might be interested, and design it for you!

basically, i'm bored, wanna do something..
FREE~!!!!!! (cuz i love free stuff, and i know everyone does)


I like free! Free bump for you, good luck with this

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Very cool, appreciate the spirit, man.

The CD insert for an album of mine is awful and I've been wanting to make a new one.

I can send you the album and insert info if you're interested??

Yeah, I'd like you to make a cops and robbers mod for Battlefield. Leave most of the game untouched, just re-skin the characters and change the maps up a bit. What's that? EA already did that? Full game price!? EA, you sick, sick bastard.

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Could you make me a logo for the forum and other things? That would be awesome.

i'm listening, fill me out..
what kinda theme you want? what kinda feel do you want to achieve?

any objects desired to include?
what kinda image do you want? game stlye? painting style? vector graphics?
you want cool or hot?


sorry, i've not much experience with modding.....


i'll check it out if it's not too hard,

but just FYI, i don't really understand the appreciation of rap music, so if it's related to that, then don't get your hopes up
first, i need genre of music, and a sample music if you can (optional)
then any logos if you have any

When the dry parts of CAD got me down I pulled in adobe and made a few unique avatars for my steam friends. I'm pretty much the same skillsets and for the same reasons. Working in either or both of those respective fields you'll find a desire to Da Vinci yourself into a more rounded classical scholar. CAD is my passion (lego's for adults) but learned Adobe and whatnot to make more bold statements. It's cool that you have a self-less approach to the inspiration dilemma. Maybe focus on someone you know and make them an avatar that speaks to them. Soul search it a little. Doing something small for someone you care about, like a unique avatar may open the flood gates for ya.

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My uncle has a small engine repair garage and he uses a converted dolly like one used in moving large furniture if that helps for a starting place.

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It's only as ghetto as the craftsman. Don't reinvent the wheel. Moving argon + O2 tanks around on a converted dolly is about as practical as it gets. Especially when navigating a shop with active projects and million dollars worth of tools and carts. As a bonus detaching the welder leaves you with the dolly to refill the tanks. It can be as trick as you want it to be. I'm saying start with the base design principles if you don't want to use re-purposed materials.

A bit off topic, but not really. These are the conversations you should be having. "Tell me to draw something" will leave a void of silence more often than not.

sorry, i dunno how to PM people on the forum, so i'm just gonna post it here

idk if you'd like it, but please put your title there, i don't own any lisence towards any fonts, and since this is free, i don't want to touch any of those

tell me if you like it

and if you don't mind, can you put like a very small letter on it of "V.I.C" to give credit, but it's your choice
i go by that when i do these kinda stuff

guarantee 100% original, no out sourcing, not even reference photos, all came from my head, so there should be no one raising any Copy right problems

second choice

Architectural designs huh. Can you design a 800 sq meter 2 storey house? I would love to see it.

what type? i have at least ~470 of them that are around 800 sqr feet and 2 story in one of my folders

Hey man

You could do some designs for my twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/maxdamage_
It already has some graphics to give you a theme (mostly terminator/flame based), I could really use an intro animation and a logo

How do you feel about helping me pick a cable management strategy by modelling my desk with different solutions?

Man after my own heart. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826999092
I use 1 on each side of my monitor and route my headset keyboard and mouse with them. It's a good start.