Hey need new phone

Sup Guys :D

Im looking for a new phone and i seen the S6 for £350 which is been reduced from £449. No much into "trending phones just want a phone that will last me 2 years with all the "latest" specs.

i have a Sony Xperia Z1.

ill be using my new phone for Music emulators games and heavy browsing.

budget is £350 but £375 is MAX

Hype for my King Sized bed tomorrows ;D

Thanks in Advance


What do you want from it? Im a pretty heave Nexus fan to be honest. Its stock, up to date, and works.

I currently have the Nexus 5X and its a pretty great phone. Saying that I would have liked to get a dual sim phone. There are a lot of very good cheaper phones out or coming out, but I think OS support is really the thing you need to look at with android.

The Nexus line now pushes security updates when required, a lot of manufacturers don't. But im not up to date on which ones do, i personally (if your not wanting a Nexus) would make that a big factor in your decision.

I had a look at the 5x and seems like a better option. I'd save power from not having a 1440p screen and the hibernation mode that was mentioned in a review will help save some power aswell lol

Doze works. To add to that charging on USB Type-C is fast.

I also ended up buying a USB3 to Type-C connector to connect to my computer and car that dont have Type-C connectors (got this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B011995DDO)

It also supports USB OTG.

Its solidly built, on the build id say it has one flaw, the sim tray sits in just a millimeter to far, though its basically not noticeable. (the phones also cheaper on amazon than google play)

OnePlusX is available without invite on Tuesdays and OnePlus2 is non invite entirely now. Just an idea.

What Raate said. OnePlus X is my recommendation, but the 2 is fine (too large for me),

Take a look at the zenfone 2 from asus. Games and as you say "heavy browsing" uses a lot if ram. The Zenfone 2 has 4 gigs, it has a 5.5 inch 1080p display, 4 Intel cores @ 2.3 Ghz and decent cameras

I've had my OnePlus 2 for about a week now and I absolutely love it. I've been an iphone user my whole life and the OP2 has made damn sure that i'll never look back to iOS again.

I'm getting through a day with pretty heavy usage on it and still have 15-20% battery left at around 11pm most days. Watching video on it does seem to drain the battery a lot though.
I got the 64GB version with 4GB RAM, it hasn't slowed down or ground to a halt on me yet. I've only had it crash once, which was when I added a second sim to the sim slot whilst the phone was on, home button stopped working which was fixed with a reboot.

I also recently got an Xperia Z5 to use as my work phone which I'm also very impressed with. Although it has a lot more bloatware than the OP2 out of the box and the screen leaves a lot to be desired in terms of size and the fact that there are no hardware buttons so you sacrifice screen real estate. Speakers are okay though and I get just under two days battery life out of it with medium to heavy usage (I tested by using it as my daily driver whilst waiting for my OP2 to arrive)

The price to performance ratio on the OP2 is unbelievable though so that would be my recommendation.

Hope this helps!

I'd say get a OnePlus device. Fantastic for what you pay. Or alternatively a nexus.
Both are decent priced and lack the insane bloatware Samsung and some others have. What's not to like?

What's the purpose of having a dual-sim phone?

For when one carrier isn't enough. Many places around where I live has spotty reception depending on carries, dual sim would allow me to have signal on another carries when the other doesn't. Its also very useful if you travel as you can have your normal sim on along with a local sim.

It's handy for me so that I can have my work mobile number with me on my personal phone when I am out and about but I'm still on call. It means I can make calls to customers from my personal mobile but still send out my work CLI instead of having to set my CLI to withheld so that customers don't get my personal number.

I imagine it would also be very handy for people who roam between two countries often.