Hey Logan, You still own this card?


Ugh... YES, Logan worked at TigerDirect, and has videos with some old hardware. Move along, you aren't the first, nor the last, to find this.

Yep, he's  still using that graphics card... as a coaster.

Unless he removed the outer shell I seriously doubt it. He did reviews on 9800 GX2's for pretty much manufacturer when they came  out for Tiger Direct. Doesn't mean he owns them. He was just a part of Tiger Direct's marketing team for a good long while.

I could still imagine him having a GX2 9800 in some HTPC computer gathering dust in his closet.

I'm just reading off of this thread:


HTPCs are usually cool and quiet, 2 things the 9800GX2 are not

Yeah, he does have a 9800 GX2, but it doesn't mean it's the exact same card.