Hey Logan I bought The Loki

So guys I bought the xigmatek loki after watching logans video. I bought it not to overclock, but to reduce noise levels. The size is also awesome because my side panel fan reduces the room I have for heatsinks in my case.

My question to all you out there is how do I set the fan speed to 1200 RPM? Every benchmarking site I have visited sets the fan speeds to 1200 RPM and 2800 RPM. Because I want a quieter cpu heatsink than the stock phenom 2 x4 965 be heatsink. I would like to set it to 1200 RPM. Can anyone out there help me do that?

Depends on the type of fan. Is it a PWM fan? If so, you can set the desired speed through bios/software. If not, your bord has to have voltage fan control or you need resistor cables that lower the fan speed or use a fan controller.

yes the xigmatek loki comes with a PMW fan, I cant find the cpu fan control in the bios only the system fan

Strange, does the motherboard you are using come with software? I have an asus board and I can controll the PWM fan speed through a program named fan Xpert.

no i dont have any software that came with my motherboard :(

Is it plugged into a 4 pin connector?  

snip the yellow wire and throw in a resistor.

I remember when I was there I told him the Loki was identical to the classic Xigmatek I was using on my dual quad Opteron, I mean IDENTICAL, size, amount of copper, heat pipes, and fan.