Hey i'm new to the forum

Hello i'm a new member to the forum i saw you have a discord chat server. Could someone sent me a renewed invite link? (I saw another invite link on different thread but it was already expired.)

Thank you



Welcome, have a cookie
let's see if this works: https://discord.gg/U43ZW9h

Thank you :)

Woot woot! Welcome to the forum, dont be scared of wveryone abusing the chatbot on discord, also feel free to jump into the lounge thread here!

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what is this Discord?

It's similar to Skype but more feature rich. there is a text chat and a voice chat built into it.

ahh very nice. that link isn't working says its expired. =)

Here is a new link it won't expire


Welcome to the forum. And to our discord. The lounge is free for all everywhere else is more civil :p

Everyone heres pretty great. :)

Rule #1: don't be a dick
Rule #2: Respect admins
Rule #3: Praise gaben at least 5 times a week

Do that, you're chill


actual rules


Welcome to the forum:)


Welcome... discord... gaming related chat like skype and teamspeak (i still prefer teamspeak myself)

(omg this is an old topic, sorry im still clicking like a newb on the forum)

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It is expired...

but i found another link.. nobody active at the moment i joined... i chat too much already anyway. I not like discord... i more of a irc guy.. and icq of course. (used to be an icq wizzard in my old days).