Hey, guys I need your help! 7870

I have reasontly just built my frist rig,

amd 6350


coraire ven.

asock extream4 970

rosewill stallion series rd500-2db 500w psu.

the problem is that when i run games like skyrim or civ.5 or anything really i have green dots pop up ever where, i have no clue what it would be please help me! sorrt for grammor and spelling including that

Your gpu is artifacting. RMA it.

can you after 30 days, sorry new to this  never had to


nvm i got my answer and it seems i am screwed it only started a few days ago and i have had it for 2-3 months


are you/were you overclocked? if so how much

if it's been at stock the whole time, then you should be able to bitch and moan enough that they take care of it

have not overclocked it at all and xfx said that it is up to the store i bought it from and newegg i don't think  will do anything but i will try

xfx has a limited life time warranty hassle them till you get it replaced. It one of the good things about xfx